Free Range Duck - 2.5kg

Free Range Duck - 2.5kg

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These ducks are a Traditional Aylesbury cross, this strain gives you the meat content, not the fat. They are raised from day olds in small groups, all year round.

The Ducks are grown naturally and fed a cereal diet, creating a marbling through the meat.

To get the best finish on the ducks, we use a dry plucking machine to remove the outer feathers, then they are dipped in warm wax, once hardened the wax is removed, pulling all the small pin feathers out, leaving a clean feathered free dry skin, when cooked the skin crisps up lovely, any fat left in the pan, keep for your roast potatoes- The Best !!

Weights shown can vary. Every effort is made to have the bird weight you have ordered as close as possible, but as a free range product some birds don't perform how we expect!