Absorb WATER KEFIR: Ginger & Lemon 750ml

Absorb WATER KEFIR: Ginger & Lemon 750ml

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Ginger & Lemon: Ingredients: spring and filtered water, unrefined castor sugar, fresh ginger and lemon, sultanas, dried apricots, sieved kefir grains. NO ALLERGENS

Handmade in Cardiff

High in B Vitamins (particularly B12) * Low in Sugar * Low Calorie * Dairy Free (Vegan) * Gluten Free * Non-Alcoholic * Live * Unpasteurized * Raw * Fermented * Hydrating Absorb Water Kefir is a naturally sparkling probiotic drink produced from good bacteria and nutritious yeasts. It contains at least fifteen strains of probiotics and aids good digestion, boosts immunity and stimulates vitality – it really is a genuine toast to good health! Recommended daily allowance 125 ml (6 servings per 750 ml bottle).

A good substitute for alcohol or sugary soft drinks, you can also use Absorb Water Kefir as a mixer for Mocktails with freshly squeezed fruit juices. Using real fruits, flowers, herbs, roots and berries, Absorb Water Kefir undergoes a second fermentation to produce natural flavours free from any artificial ingredients or colourings