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Free Range Bronze Turkey - 5kg

Free Range Bronze Turkey - 5kg
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The chicks arrive in the first week of July and spend 4-5 weeks in heated barns. The bronze turkeys then go out to range, in small flocks, roaming the grassy fields; the birds are then brought in at night to straw bedded sheds.

The birds are grown slowly to full maturity, they enjoy a natural diet free of additives and growth promoters. They produce a fat marbling through the meat, making the cooked meat succulent and tasty.

They are plucked using a dry plucked system and then hung to allow the flavours to develop, for you to enjoy a crispy skin and excellent tasting meat.

The Bronze turkeys are presented in individual boxes and contain a cooking leaflets

 Weights shown can vary. Every effort is made to have the bird weight you have ordered as close as possible, but as a free range product some birds don't perform how we expect!