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Organic Box Scheme


We have been delivering Organic fruit & vegetables throughout the Cardiff area and South East Wales for over 20 years, being one of the first Organic Box Schemes in South Wales.

Recently named one of the best veg box schemes in the UK by The Independent

Ordering an Organic box from The Welsh Food Box Company is a great way to buy your weekly fruit and veg. Every week we select the best organic produce from local growers, but also supplement our boxes with high quality produce that can't be grown locally, to give our customers the best seasonal and interesting variety throughout the year. We never use air freighted produce in our boxes.

A Welsh Food Box will always contain some staples such as potatoes and carrots in our veg boxes and apples in our fruit boxes. Let us know anything you don't like and we will make sure we exclude it from your box.

Organic Box Scheme
Our Boxes


The Welsh Food Box Company offers a variety of different organic boxes to suit your needs. Choose the best for you, from one person to a large family.

Regular Order

Boxes can be ordered as a one off or set up as a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery.

Box Sizes

You can vary your box size, add extras and of course we will always exclude the items you have specified as dislikes. Choose from….

£10.50 Box - 1-2 people
Containing on average 7-10 items

£12.50 Box - 2-3 people
Containing on average 8-12 items

£15 Box - 3-4 people
Containing on average 9-14 items

£20 Box - 4+ people
Containing on average 10-15 items

All our organic boxes can be ordered as:

100% veg
100% fruit
Mxed Veg/Fruit


Local Hero Box

Specify local hero when ordering your Welsh Food Box and we will only include the best of local produce, excluding any imports that we use to add variety. Note that this may reduce the number of different items in your box due to seasonal availability.

Off Piste

As an alternative to our pre-selected organic boxes, you can build your own box by visiting the shop and filling your basket with fresh, organic fruit & veg of your choice (delivery charge applies)

Extra Bits

You are very welcome to add anything you like to your organic box order; freshly baked bread, eggs, cheese or of course some wonderful meat or poultry to go with your organic veg to make a special family roast. Or how about some welsh cured bacon and speciality sausages for a lazy weekend brunch? And as you are already receiving a box scheme order there's no delivery charge!

To reduce waste and costs we reuse all of our boxes and plastics several times. We will collect used boxes on each delivery.